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Authorised Economic Operator

TALOGIS Air & Sea is now “Authorised Economic Operator"
TALOGIS GmbH receives AEO certification

TALOGIS Air & Sea has successfully passed the AEO certification process and thus achieved the status of “Authorised Economic Operator-AEO”. The AEO certificate “Customs Simplifications” (AEO C) was issued by the Customs Authorities Krefeld. The aim of the certificate is to secure the end-to-end international supply chain from the manufacturer of a product to the end user. A company with the status of AEO is considered to be particularly reliable and trustworthy and can benefit from special advantages in the context of customs clearance.

The AEO status is not only a quality feature, it speeds up and simplifies customs clearance considerably, thus providing our customers with real added value. The approval of AEO status is subject to extensive requirements in terms of reliability, compliance with relevant legislation and presentation of secure internal processes. Furthermore, certain security standards have to be met in the areas of computer systems and data backup.